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Training course for teachers of French

Training course for teachers of French
The CIEL de Strasbourg can produce tailored programmes upon demand for universities, international institutions, or groups of French teachers.

At any time of the year, the "language, civilisation and methodology and multimedia as part of language classes" course can be organised for any group of teachers.

The CIEL de Strasbourg works with the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs to help improve the level of foreign teachers of French. As such, thus far we have received teachers from the following countries: Germany, Austria, Canada, Colombia, Korea, Costa Rica, Croatia, Denmark, El Salvador, the United States, Indonesia, the Lebanon, Hungary, Libya, the Czech Republic, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Thailand and Vietnam.

If you are responsible for a group of teachers, you can send us a "schedule of conditions" detailing your needs including information about the target group, its objectives, the time of year and duration preferred for the course, etc. In return we will send you a detailed proposal.

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