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French evening classes

From elementary to improvers level. General language 12 people maximum per group 40-hour syllabus spanning three months. Hours: from 6:15 pm to 8:15 pm twice a week. Entry test.

Do you work or study in Strasbourg? Are you occupied during the day? This solution will help you to improve your French during the evenings when you have finished your day’s work.
French evening class
Evening classes provide an opportunity to meet other foreign people living in Strasbourg, including professionals working in companies, European organisations, students studying for their doctorate, au pair girls, etc.

It also provides an opportunity for a friendly get-together after classes in a café or restaurant.

Dates and prices
From october 3rd to december 14th, 2017.

From january 18th to april 5th, 2018.
From april 10th to june 28th, 2018.
From september 25th to december 13th, 2018.

Price : 520 EUR.

> Enrolment form (format PDF )
> Dates and prices 2018 (format PDF )

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