Active teaching method based on innovative and effective approaches

Courses are designed to include a wide range of activities in which the emphasis is placed on oral and written expression and comprehension. Simulations and role plays are organised to put into practice the topics already studied. Teachers emphasise oral practice (comprehension and expression). The oral exam is a good starting point and supports the topics already studied. According to the students’ aims, writing tasks are also carefully monitored.

The teaching team also rely on the Neurolinguistic Approach in which they have been trained and employ modern approaches and up-to-date media tailored to the needs of the class.

Progress based on the Common European Framework of Reference Language

The school classifies language proficiency according to the CECRL scale. This framework is used by teachers to set out the aims, progress milestones, course content and successive learning stages. Teaching methods and materials are therefore regularly updated to reflect the latest standards.

Teaching method based on communication and inter-cultural aspects

The aim of Strasbourg CIEL is to ensure that students are able to effectively communicate in a French context. Groups of a modest size favour interaction and oral discussion in a friendly atmosphere. Class activities allow students to practise and re-use previously-studied vocabulary, grammar and structures. Particular emphasis is placed on multi-cultural aspects during class activities.
Strasbourg CIEL is based on the premises of CCI Campus, the training centre of the Alsace Eurometropole Chamber of Commerce and Industry which hosts officially recognised courses in conjunction with level Bac+2 to Bac+5. Foreign students are therefore in daily contact with French students and can interact with them in various ways such as themed meals, sponsorship programs, conferences, etc.

Personalised and bespoke monitoring

Interviews are regularly arranged with all students to check how they are progressing and to ensure that they receive personal support. These discussions set out a number of personalised aims and focus on the particular areas of difficulty identified by teachers and/or brought up by students. Skills are continuously assessed on the basis of class exercises and in a more formal way every other Friday. Students may request to take the various Certification tests on offer: CLOE, TCF TP, TCF IRN…

Extensive and diverse teaching materials

  • Equipped training rooms: paper, audio and video materials, interactive whiteboards, collaborative platform
  • Access to an online collaborative platform (Learning Management System) and extra work to supplement classes for all language levels
  • Each learner receives a recent course manual adapted to his or her background and level