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French summer courses

All levels. General French.
Groups of up to 15 students.
40 hours of class over 2 weeks. 20 hours of class per week.
From Monday to Friday : 09:00-12:00 AM. On Monday and Wednesday : 01:30-04:00 PM.
Because of the placement test, classes begin around 10:30 AM on the first Monday of the course.

Each week in the afternoons, 3 to 4 hours of free activities : language lab, visits, French films, French songs, etc

French class
You wish to make the most of your holidays by spending time in France to learn the language or by taking a course in French. The Summer Courses running continuously throughout July and August will meet your requirements. You will benefit from lively teaching methods in an international environment.

You choose when: the date you start and the length of your course. If you are an absolute beginner, start with a session marked "D" on the schedule.
This modular style of course helps you to learn progressively and enables you to improve your listening and speaking skills.

This is also suitable for set groups (schools, universities, companies, etc.). In the mornings, the students are put into multinational groups, according to their level of French. In the afternoons, a program of French for Specific Purposes can complement the course of General French. Please contact us, so that we can arrange a program together which will suit your requirements.

> Have a look at the free activities in the afternoon

> Enrolment form 2019 (format PDF )
> Dates and prices 2019 (format PDF )
> Enrolment form 2020 (format PDF )
> Enrolment form 2020 - second enrolment (format PDF )

If you take part in the day classes, to work toward your specific objectives or to carry out 20 hours per week, you can also take:
Special classes
Special classes (special price):
·module(s) comprising 6 hours of classes with a teacher
·broken down into 4 sessions of 1 hour 30 mins each or 3 sessions of 2 hours each
·held in the afternoons after the collective classes during the morning, based on appointments to be scheduled in advance.

The special classes are designed to meet the specific needs of the student. The teacher will offer you a programme of study specifically adapted to your personal requirements, whether in oral or written comprehension, grammar, phonetics, in general French or professional/business French.
Additionally, special classes involve preparing, correcting and supervising the personal work that the student must supply outside the classes.

Price: 6 hours per session as a minimum = € 366 each additional hour = € 61

A tailored programm of study
A tailored programme of study at the multimedia resource centre:
·Module(s) of 10 hours of study, working semi-autonomously.
·Broken down into 10 sessions of 1 hour each (or 6 sessions of 1 hour 30 mins and 1 session of 1 hour).
·Held in the afternoon following the morning’s collective classes, based on a schedule to be drawn up in advance.

The tailored programme of study involves semi-autonomous work in the language laboratory or the multimedia room. During an initial interview, along with a teacher you will define the content of your programme of study according to the skills that you wish to improve (comprehension, oral skills, written skills, grammar, spelling or phonetics, business French, etc.).
At the start of each session, the teacher will accompany you to the room and explain in detail the tasks to be carried out, and will then leave you to work alone. Educational feedback from each activity is provided during the following day's session. It is possible to adapt the activities or the media used at any time (subject to resources being available).

Price: please contact us

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