What is the maximum number of students you take?

We can accept between 150 and 200 foreign students at any one time. Throughout the year, we have an average of about 60 students. This number rises to about 160 students in summer.

Are your premises accessible to people with disabilities?

Yes. CCI Campus has disabled access lifts and toilets. All our premises are accessible to people of reduced mobility.

Are students provided with internet access?

Yes, wifi is free and available throughout the site.


Do I receive a student card if I enrol at CIEL?

Yes. Any student enrolled on a course of at least 6 months in length will be given a student card by CIEL.

Besides the cafeteria, can students have lunch anywhere else on site?

Microwave ovens are available to students in the central space of the Campus. The area around Campus has several restaurants, grocery stores and bakeries.


Is it possible to take more than one two-week course?

Yes. For Morning/Afternoon Courses and Summer Courses, the length of the course is entirely up to you. There is no maximum limit. You are advised to opt for a long-stay package if you wish to remain for more than 10 weeks.

Can long-stay packages extend both to Morning/Afternoon Course and Summer Courses?


Are long-stay fees refundable?

Not unless the course is interrupted due to a case of force majeure (formally certified).

Is it possible to obtain a Strasbourg CIEL enrolment certificate for a visa application?

Yes, provided that the course fees have been paid.

Is there an administration fee on top of the price of courses or tests?

Yes: an administration fee of €50.

What cultural activities are available to me when I enrol for an FLE course at Strasbourg CIEL?

Guided visits in French of a number of museums in Strasbourg and the European Parliament (though only for some courses)

Exhibitions (subject to the programming of our partners)

Taster sessions involving local products and wines (depending on enrolment numbers and the availability of our partners)

Shows at the National Theatre of Strasbourg and the Strasbourg Opera House (subject to the programming of our partners)

Does Strasbourg CIEL offer any other activities in addition to lessons?

If you have enrolled for a morning/afternoon course or summer course, you can subscribe to the Supplementary Activities option (for a fee) which gives you access, on a course-by-course basis, to:

  • A conversation group
  • A French writing workshop
  • Two film screenings
  • A tutoring session


Under what circumstances can I take the TCF TP?

To assess your level of French for the purpose of entering higher education; to certify your level in a professional capacity; to apply for French naturalisation.

Under what circumstances can I take the TCF CRF?

For an application for French nationality, an application for a long-term resident’s card, validation of A1 level as part of the OFII citizenship programme.

How long is a TCF certificate valid for?

Two years

Can I use the TCF IRN certificate to apply for naturalisation?


Can I use the TCF TP certificate to apply for a French Residence Permit?


Can enrolment for a test be cancelled and the corresponding fees be refunded?

Yes, but only in a case of force majeure which is formally certified. Please contact us for further details.

How can I make sure I am suitably prepared to take the TCD TP and TCF IRN at Strasbourg CIEL?

  • By enrolling for an online course of 1 or 3 months
  • By enrolling for individual classes


Can I receive help with accommodation without taking a course at Strasbourg CIEL?

No. Accommodation packages are only available to CIEL students.

Do host families live near to the school?

Our host families live in or around the city centre. They live in areas with good access to public transport. Journeys between the home of host families and CCI Campus do not take more than 30 minutes on public transport.

Do other students live with the same family?

In general, there is only one student per family. Some families agree to take two students at the same time. In this case, we select two students with different native languages so that they can communicate in French during their stay.

When should I arrive at my host family’s house? When do I have to leave?

In general, students arrive on the Saturday or Sunday before the start of the course. They usually leave on the Saturday or Sunday after the course has ended.

If I choose to stay with a host family, can I use the family’s washing machine?

Our hosts will do your washing for you once a week. Any delicate or particular clothing (leather, silk, etc.) can be washed in a launderette.

What equipment/furnishings are available at a host family’s house?

Students are given their own private room. Rooms generally include a bed, a desk and shelves for clothes and personal effects. If the student chooses the option of no meal, the family kitchen is made available so that the student can prepare his/her meals. A compartment in the fridge is also set aside for use by the student.