Testimonial in the FLE PIC Refugees
Instra Course


My name is Zein, I’m Syrian. I’m 50 years old. I’ve been living in Strasbourg for 2 years.

My children are studying here in Strasbourg. In my country, I obtained a diploma in medical analysis.

I asked to do a training course in French to be able to communicate with the people here in STRASBOURG, to be able to work and understand the rules of the country.

I wanted to find a job as a chef de cuisine here in France but my level was not good enough, so I decided to take French courses. The CIEL in Strasbourg is a very good school. I’m very satisfied with my training. I’d wanted to join this course for a long time because I‘d heard about the CIEL. I was lucky enough to be selected for the “Skills Inclusion plan” proposed by the CIEL de Strasbourg. The teachers here are highly qualified and very experienced. They’ve been very patient with me and helped me to progress quickly.

Now I have more self-confidence when I express myself and I feel more able to look for work.